• Legal Innovation…

    …starts with an innovative mindset, not with tools.

  • We use Legal Design methods…

    …to create holistic and user centric legal content, products and services

  • We focus on Legal Experience Design…

    …to deliver usercentric legal tech solutions

  • What others say

    Legal Design Workshop, Sr. Lawyer of a Fortune 500 company : „I made several Design Thinking experiences, one in Stanford, one at IDEO. I have to say, it was interesting, but hadn’t anything to do with my real professional life problems. Today we worked on real legal topics and I was impressed that the legal design method helped us to develop ideas we can work with.“

  • What others say

    „When I heard the title „simplification of contracts” I thought we would read clauses and talk about it. I was exited that we instead did such a holistic approach and ended up drawing new ideas how to make our contracting system easier. We can work with that now, I am more than happy.“

  • What others say

    „The Legal Design Method brought us not only very good ideas, but also contributed in the way how we collaborate as a team. Today was high energetic and enthusiastic. I loved it!“

  • What others say

    „I really enjoyed your legal design session and the method helps to understand the real user needs. I was impressed how fast we created solid prototypes.“

welcome to a new age of Legal Service Design