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The Legal Design
The Legal Design Basics

The Legal Design

Delightful Legal Experiences that make your clients happy.


We simplify and re-design your legal content and processes in a user centric way.

Our Legal Design solutions offer your legal organization multiple benefits: an innovation strategy based on real user needs, a cross-disciplinary and open mindset that fosters creative collaboration, and human-centered, often digital workflows that save you a lot of time. We also help you move from complex legal content to understandable and accessible information that builds trust and avoids misunderstandings or litigation. To sum it up: We turn your legal work into added value for your internal and external clients.

Our Legal Experiences

Legal Product Design

Create better legal products

Legal Process Design

Working structure for processes

Legal Operations Design

Targeted effects in your day-to-day

Legal Design Education

Shape the future of Legal Design



Impulse Talks

Consulting & Coaching

User Research

Contract Design

Policy Design

Innovation Strategy Development

Mindset Change Management

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Use cases

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How to optimize the client journey

Mid size national law firm

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How to create a user-centric antitrust guideline


How to create a pleasant customer journey


How to create an Innovation and Best Delivery Hub

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How to improve an internal risk approval system

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But what is Legal Design? 

But what is Legal Design? 

But what is Legal Design? 

But what is Legal Design? 

But what is Legal Design? 

But what is Legal Design? 

Legal Design is a user centric approach to re-structure complex legal systems and content in order to make it user friendly and create engaging legal experiences. It is based on the method Design Thinking as one of the most successful innovation methods worldwide.

Legal Design is a global movement of re-inventing law and how it is delivered. The goal is to make it accessible for people without legal education, make it easier for lawyers to explain themselves and help to find the right balance in an era of digital transformation.

We Legal Designers are a bridge between people confronted with law and lawyers and act as translators to make things easier, not more complex! We use multiple aspects of design, to make legal issues easier accessible and transparent.

Astrid Kohlmeier

To create intuitive and user-friendly legal solutions, you need an innovative mindset and creative problem-solving skills. Lawyers are usually not trained in this. I can help you, because I know the challenges also from your perspective. I specialized for over 15 years in legal design consulting and legal product development by applying a unique mix of design, design thinking methods, legal expertise and legal tech know-how. With this mix I am able to help you to identify the real problems and solve them in a user centric way. My global network team and I structure and lead you through that innovation process and support you to improve and simplify your workflows, legal content and processes. Please contact me for individual questions.

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