At a mid size national law firm

The Challenge

How might we support the law firm in enhancing their client’s journey and turn it into a delightful service experience?

The Approach

Analysis & Research

In an extended kick-off and analysis phase, we examined the internal ecosystem with all relevant stakeholders as well as the status quo of the client journey. 
We determined focus areas for the upcoming research.

User Research

We conducted a qualitative user research with 20+ persons, each representing different stakeholders such as: partners, associates, employees of the law firm, and most important: with clients.
Next step was to structure the huge amount of informations we collected to gain relevant insights of the user needs.
We finally categorized the main needs and outlined relevant and improvable sections along the customer journey, for example acquisition and business development, mandate processing and filing as well as invoicing.



Relevant needs as a base for innovation

We looked at the client journey as a whole: This way, we were able to uncover numerous needs, painpoints and potentials in relation to the clients journey, but also with regards to underlying issues resulting form the law firm’s mindset and culture.

The Outcome


Research Evaluation and Structure

We clustered the numerous insights which we have gained during the extensive user research into 
52 categories.

Then, we defined the main areas of potential:

  • 36 potential areas for the improvement of the customer journey and
  • 25 potential areas for innovation.

Visual presentation of the ideal client journey in an interactive tool

To make the most relevant opportunity areas accessible and easy to understand, we created a web interface on which the users – in our project partners at the law firm – could comprehend our results in a visual and interactive way.


Opportunity areas and possible solutions

We did not only outline the potential areas, but also provided possible hands-on solution suggestions. As a next step in the design process, these solutions can be improved and implemented into the law firm’s infrastructure.

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