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Design Me stickers available!

Give your legal documents a voice and help redesign the legal world!

If legal documents had a voice, most of them would definitely cry out for help, because they are often so badly designed, incomprehensible and suffer from being ignored or even hated.

Have mercy with poorly designed legal documents and use my Design Me sticker!

Design Me Sticker
Step 1

Download the digital sticker here and put it on any legal document that calls for legal design help.

If you want to be kind to paper documents as well, email your postal address to and I will send you – first come, first serve – up to 5 of these really fancy, limited stickers.

Get the digital stickerGet the real sticker
Step 2

Who dares to share their poorly designed legal documents with the Design Me sticker?

How about showing poorly designed documents in an exhibition? Send me your documents with a sticker and invite all participants to a virtual vernissage.

You can send me the marked document or a photo of it.
Send your document

I am very much looking forward to giving your poor documents a voice!

Of course, I am happy to support you in the re-design process, as well.

And who knows: maybe we will manage to soon have an exhibition of your re-designed contracts too?

Message me

Maybe this initiative helps all of us in the legal industry to see what is really wrong with our contracts, templates, legal documents.

Needless to say: before sending anything, please think about anonymization of any personal or sensitive data!