The Challenge

The legal department of a global software company had the goal to digitalize their worldwide contracting processes. A project set up for this purpose came to a stop after only a few months. We were therefore entrusted with the challenge of finding a solution for the digitization of contracts using the method of legal design.

The Approach

Step 1

Stakeholder Map

We approached the task step by step and defined in a first workshop all stakeholders involved in a contractual process in the company.

Step 2

Deep user research

Through 1:1 interviews with representatives of the stakeholder groups we developed a 360 degree view, with which we could identify the existing Painpoints.

Step 3


We developed an infographic with an overview of the contract journey and were thus able to show visually where there are undiscovered problems in the contract processes from the user’s point of view.

Step 4

Derive insights

Together with the customer, we derived findings from the research and visualization that formed the basis for our idea generation and thus defined the actual problem: It became apparent that many detours and approvals had to be obtained in the analog process flows that affect the entire system.

Important conclusion


Instead of immediately creating a new digital infrastructure, the company first had to optimize its internal processes

Step 5

Prototypes and user test

In an intensive co-creation session, we use this knowledge to develop the first prototypes, which are used for process optimization.

The Outcome

The main outcome of the project was the insight of how to re-structure and streamline the internal and external workflows first before implementing a digital system or automation. The result of the project gave the company the right twist to solve the underlying challenges first to prepare the infrastructure for automation and digitalization.

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