The Challenge

The initial antitrust policy was not easily accessible and navigatable for readers, leading to early disengagement.

Complex language and a visually unstructured text caused numerous uncertainties, which ultimately resulted in:

➔ more questions to the legal department ➔ more work ➔ less time

The Approach

The AK team read through the existing policy several times and used a color code for highlighting text passages that were either easy oder hard to understand, redundant or seemed very important.

This helped us as a team to understand the policy and the issues that can go along with it.

During the research, we gained the following key insights:

  • policies are full of legalese and 
hard to understand
  • stakeholders immediately call Legal without reading first
  • Documents are not being read from 
the beginning to the end

We created a prototype with a completely new structure and simplified content and wording.

Visually, the content is now supported with graphs and icons, which gives orientation, creates “snippets” of information and makes the content interactive and easy to read.

Furthermore, the prototype is now branded with the corporate identity, which allows stakeholders to better identify with the policy.

After having built the first prototypes, we tested them with real stakeholders and gained their valuable feedback.

Thanks to that, we iterated the solution and finalised the prototype based on the user’s needs, especially regarding clarity, simplicity and navigability without losing the legal complexity and security.

8 pages of hard to read, plain text

4 overview pages

19 sub-pages with structured,
detailed info

The Outcome

We created an easily navigatable, interactive digital document that conforms with the company’s existing infrastructure and surroundings. If necessary, the Legal department can make changes to the document independently.

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