12. Mai 2020

Future of contracting – a virtual conference in May 2020

Join me on May 27, 2020 together with a very interesting line up of legal innovators at the "Future of Contracting" Conference, initiated by sky contracts and legal creatives. I…
22. April 2020

Strictly Law Business Summit Lagos

Thank you, Orsola for this relaxed online summit on Friday, April 24th 2020 where I had the chance to talk with Karol about Legal Design. I learned so much from your…
2. April 2020

Simplification of contracts…

...and why that is more relevant than ever! Easy to understand contracts help to save time, lead to better customer relationships and fosters collaboration within legal teams! artikel

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Fresh from the press – Re-Designing contracts

Check out my new publication in the magazine REthinking: Law and find out how a…

Jippie!! Over 1500 trained lawyers by now!

How fantastic! More than 1500 lawyers have attended my workshops & projects so far and…

December 2019: hosting an all female panel on inhouse matters & speaking on legal (r)evolution

What a powerful all female panel with successful women from SIEMENS, COCA-COLA and other companies…

Thank you, Anwalts-zukunfts-kongress!

At 2019th Anwaltszukunftskongress I had the opportunity to hold a fully booked interactive legal design…

Research & Development Platform of the Serpentine Galleries

Thank you @Guest Work Agency for the invitation to the closed summit of the serpentine galleries…

Co-Founding Liquid Legal Institute

Together with six partners from different parts of the legal market, we founded the non…

Legal Innovation & Legal Tech Fest, Sydney

It was an honor to share the current view about legal design from a European…

Vienna Legal Tech

On May 07, 2019 Ines Curtius an I gave a talk about Legal Design at…

Bucerius Innovation Days

We had two very productive Legal Design Days at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg…

Berlin Legal Tech

It was a great pleasure to meet so many familiar faces at Berlin Legal Tech…

Legal Design and Mastering Challenges in the Legal Market

Read here one of my first contributions on Legal Design: To the article


Read my latest article about Legal Design – including practical examples out of my consulting…

Legal Design Geek | London

Speaking at the Legal Design Geek in London about what Lawyers could learn from designers.…

Contract design workshop in Florida

Florida, October 2018 IACCM Americas Conference – together with Tessa Manuello we lead a very…

Women of Legal Tech 2018

I am very proud to be honoured with the award of Women in Legal Tech…

Was ist Legal Design?

LEGAL DESIGN ist ein holistischer Methodenansatz, mit dem sich die Herausforderungen des sich vor allem…

Namensfindung für Kanzleien

Wie man den richtigen Namen für seine Kanzlei vergibt In einem Interview mit Frau Dr.…

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