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Let’s speak Legal Design Finland

By 13. September 2021September 25th, 2023No Comments

That was really exciting: In our talk with some of the real legal design pioneers of Finland we had a very casual and cool discussion.
Together we found out that the fact that so many legal designers come from Finland might be a result of the mindset and culture in the country itself. Not only does Design play a major role for decades in many industries there. In addition, the government is trying to make information accessible and designed so that citizens can understand their content better.
Also, the huge support of the city of Helsinki to conduct the legal design summits shows this intrinsic interest in design – even in exotic areas like the law.

Let’s have more of theses informal talks – its so good to see you all again!
We all hope for a next Legal Design Summit in 2022 – of course in HELSINKI! See you there 🙂