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We not only support you in tackling specific problems in a legal context – we also teach new skills. You learn how to solve problems with creative methods and how to collaborate in a multi disciplinary way. When we leave your organization the new skills remain to help solve future problems.

A special effect of legal design projects is that your organization intuitively learns how change management works. 

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Legal Design
Co-Creation Workshops

Small and large co-creation workshops with open or defined challenges.

Legal Design Projects

From Kick Off workshop to final implementation, an individual legal design project means to jointly go through different steps. We guide you through that process and support you for instance in staffing the core team, conducting deep user researches, facilitate co-creation workshops, accompany your prototype and test phases and help you to finally implement your innovative solution.

Analysis & Deep User Research

When developing a solution to your challenge, one of the key points is to focus on the relevant user needs and to develop a holistic view of the ecosystem. We will help you first create the necessary 360-degree view to define the starting point for the individual analysis. Based on this, we conduct research using various techniques such as observation, interviews, surveys, desk research and more.

The Power of Visualization

We accompany our projects with visuals and infographics and teach you creative visualizations skills.

Need Statement

Based on research results we define specific insights and put them in context of the relevant ecosystem. This leads to a clear definition of a need statement.

Contract Design

We re-design your contracts, develop a new structure, simplify the content based on real user needs and make it better accessible using illustrations, icons and graphics. We support you in contract standardizations.

Impulse Talks

We kick off your innovation initiatives with impulse talks. For your clients or your internal organization.

Legal Design Coaching

No matter if you are already an experienced legal designer or a greenhorn: we offer tailor made legal design trainings.

Innovation Strategy

More than 15 years of work in the legal field makes it clear that innovation is not the easiest issue for legal organisations. Many companies jump too early on (legal) technical solutions and forget to start with a well developed innovation strategy. We help you to find the right way, tailored to your individual ecosystem.

Legal Tech Strategy

If you already have developed an innovation strategy, but have difficulties on implementing the fitting legal tech environment: Based on our analytical approach, we jointly design the legal tech strategy that suits you best.

Sketching For Lawyers

Have you ever heard that visualizations are easier to understand than words, especially in complex environments like legal? Our customers have benefitted from the power of visualization for years. Learn how you can use visualizations to make your legal content easier to understand.

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